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Last updated on February 12th, 2015 at 09:08 am

There’s a controversial new trend that is giving the kiss of life into couples’ love lives.

An unconventional approach to sex, termed Karezza is offering partnerships improved health and restoring relationships in Australia.

Sex therapists are talking about it and using it as a way to enhance flagging intimacy in relationships.

Now, in our outcome focussed world, the unusual thing about Karezza, is that it involves having regular intercourse without it culminating in orgasm.

This practice of Karezza has its roots in the ancient wisdom of Taoist and Tantric principles. Karezza is a sexual practice that involves affectionate, sensual intercourse without the end result of an orgasmic climax.

Removing the goal of orgasm takes away the pressure of performance and even competition that appears to dominate our society.

Every time I turn on the free to air TV I see another competitive event – The Biggest Loser, Big Brother, My Kitchen Rules, Masterchef and some building program or ten. Whoops pet peeve! Its emotional overload. Overkill or what.

So no wonder couples are struggling in the bedroom. With Karezza there are  the daily practices of ‘bonding’ and often accompanied with sexual intercourse. Partners  can feel fulfilled without being drained to exhaustion. In fact this often leads to greater intimacy many partnerships have reported.

And why wouldn’t it bring a consciousness to your sexual life in a partnership is a great thing and maybe we need to nurture this more in our couple bonds.

Your challenge is to find out more about your partner and their sexual preferences, perhaps even suggest some Karezza practices to enhance your relationship today.

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