Faster EFT Practitioner Training Completed

Perhaps you have heard of Robert G. Smith’s Faster EFT? I have recently completed level 1 Practitioner training in Brisbane with Robert and his wonderful team.

Faster EFT represents a new wave in psychology and stress management.

This is an especially powerful approach to tackling relationship trauma’s like infidelity. I have helped many couples and individuals recover from obsessive thinking/ guilting, grief and loss around the affair and it’s discovery.

Uncovering an affair can be devastating – I call it a relationship trauma.

One lady I saw could not get the text message she had read out of her head and felt worthless. In one session she was able to move back into her power (I am strong) and reconnect with her desire for a more loving connection with her husband after the affair. Recognising she wanted a fresher, newer, more honest relationship in order to move forward.

Another male partner’s vivid imagination had him picturing all kinds of sex acts his wife may have or may not have been involved in with the third party. A tapping session helped him release and let go of those painful images. In this way he was able to move ahead with much less anger in the counselling.

Talking therapy just doesn’t cut it any more, we have to recognise the mind body connection. And neuroscience supports this – trauma, whether it be infidelity, humiliation, or accident can be stored in our brains in an unprocessed state.

Therapies like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) and Faster EFT provide the missing link to processing the unconscious reactive patterns.

In fact EMDR is the gold standard for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the United States.

That’s why it is really important to me as a psychologist to keep up with contemporary advances in modern medicine and evidence based practice.

In May I will complete my EMDR practitioner training in totality and am amazed at the rapid results this and Faster EFT produce.

I would encourage you to read more on EMDR – just google it. As Robert is still down under in Australia (training in Adelaide currently and in May Melbourne) you may still be able to get to his training.

Please check out Robert’s website and look up Healing Magic on youtube to see this approach live.

Best wishes Philipa

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