Ego State Therapy benefits!

While not exactly a new theory of therapy – Ego State Therapy has been around for 50 years now. It was based on the ideas of Paul Federn, Edward Weiss and Sigmund Freud.

Professor John G. Watkins and his wife Helen H. Watkins combined research and theory to develop this powerful therapeutic approach.

I have just completed the clinical training in Ego State Therapy with Professor Gordon Emmerson, who has taken Ego State therapy into the next dimension.

Professor Gordon Emmerson’s training offered me the opportunity to further develop my clinical skills with advanced skills and interventions in therapeutic counselling.

Having worked with trauma and anxiety a lot, I have found merely processing the trauma (while offering the patient relief) does not offer them the empowerment of Ego State Therapy and therefore lacks resolution.

People come to see me because they don’t like the way they are feeling.

The bottom line is I want to help people internally resource themselves to gain relief and heal ‘vaded states’.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be useful in changing your thinking and will offer symptomatic relief. This can temporarily be helpful and I do use this approach.

However it never seems to address the cause of the person’s angst. I felt as a therapist I was only doing half the job with the person. A sort of psychic band aid.

With Ego State Therapy I have found a specific fast acting and long term theory and therapy with effective techniques in healing difficult unresolved feelings.

End result you will be happier and I am all for that!

That’s what my job as a psychologist is all about.

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