Happy Valentines Day to Married, Singles and all Couples!

This is a day to prioritise your relationship with loved ones and if you are not in a partnership – love yourself.

Please read on for more loving ideas…

Keep the love alive.

If you are in a couple make a point to remember the happiest, most romantic and sexiest times for you. Share these heartfelt memories with your partner as a love gift. Take the day off from any resentment or irritation in your marriage. BE Pollyanna!

See what happens as a little experiment.

If flying solo, share your love with your friends, family, cat, dog or budgie. Go out for dinner a movie, a girl’s or boy’s night out where you might meet the one! Believe me you are not really ever alone in the cosmos.

Treat yourself. One of my friends sent me a picture of her sexy new boots she has bought herself for her valentines day gift. I said go girl!

Best Wishes Philipa

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