Sarah Harris has wise words for women and men on the topic of domestic violence

Last updated on February 12th, 2015 at 12:42 pm

Channel ten’s Studio 10 Sarah Harris has had her life touched by family violence giving her street cred for her recent stand on this topic. Please read on…

Televison journalist Sarah Harris was born into Mt Druitt, living close to the Murphy brothers infamously convicted in the murder of Anita Cobby.

It is great to hear a woman in the public eye speak out about domestic violence with such aplomb.

Family violence effects every strata of society as Sarah can attest. She was supporting a close Sydney socialite friend who was regularly on the end of her husbands fist.

In The Sun Herald Sunday Life magazine Sarah imparts great wisdom :

…the conversation shouldn’t be about why women don’t leave. The conversation should be why are men still doing this.

Absolutely stop blaming the victim, men stand up. A truly caring partner would not wittingly hurt their loved ones.

Sadly the research and statistics point to family violence being a gendered crime with men committing the majority of offenses.

Men stand up for yourselves and hold your brothers to account.

On average it takes a woman 7 attempts to leave a violent relationship.

In psychology we understand violence is not merely physical abuse, it consists of emotional and verbal abuse, control, stalking, financial abuse and isolation. These forms of domination do the most damage to a person’s self esteem.

There is help out there. Seek trained professionals to assist you to change, speak up, silence maintains abuse.

Good luck out there!

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