Marriage Works now has more counselling appointments on offer!

Last updated on February 12th, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Believe or not seeking professional marital help is becoming the preferred option earlier and being acknowledged as best practice by our federal leaders.

The government has recognised this and committed a budget of $20 million dollars in a relationship-strengthening trial program to prevent divorce and separation.

I’m all for strengthening relationships!

As of now, July 2014 you can visit

Where the Department of Social Services is offering a one of $200 payment for couple to for counselling and education session.

There are 100,000 therapy sessions, open to all committed couples be they married for years, or seeking pre-marriage counselling, are newlyweds, defacto couples, and is non discriminatory being open for same-sex couples.


This is a very limited gift voucher – $200.

Many practitioners will ask for more money as the $200 can be called  a contribution. Indeed the Australian Psychological Society has recommended a sessional rate for a standard consultation with a psychologist for 45 minutes as $222 for 2013.

Psychologists, marriage educators, and counsellors must offer a minimum is two hours of counselling for your $200.

Or five hours of education group counselling sessions such as premarriage counselling workshops, parenting education groups, financial planning, conflict resolution, couples communication workshops and stress management.

For Pre marriage folk the Prepare course I do would cover four hours – your total package. I will be applying as a service provider for the voucher and let you know more soon.

But come in sooner rather than later. Good therapy will take time commitment, I usually say between 10-20 hours will be required and if you think the average working week is 40, it is half a week, not a huge amount of your life.

Good luck.

I have more appointment availability to meet this increasing demand. I have recently decided to resign from 6.5 years with Relationships Australia where I was employed as a counsellor and couple therapist.

I loved it and am sad but excited to be able to offer my clients the best of my services as an experienced couples psychologist.

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