Will you make this the Silly Season?

Last updated on February 12th, 2015 at 01:30 pm

I write that question as a challenge and want to know how you might answer.

It is December 2014 – Christmas time. Many parties and celebrations are planned.

They do call it the silly season. Office drinks can turn into impromptu embraces and stolen kisses under the influence and more (read between the sheets!).

What I want to know is how will you protect your marriage from a whoops moment that felt good at the time but now fills you with regret or worse confusion.

Be aware and hold onto your integrity. Read on for ideas on how to do this please click here…

The most obvious protective measure is to take your partner with you to your christmas office party.

Coming as a pair will help your spouse get to know your other life and bring you closer, you can amuse yourself with the office clowns antics and watch the politics unfolding.

Due to budget cuts and time poverty many workplaces do not offer the bring your partner option.

No worries, your partner does not need to be there to be present.

If approached by a member of the opposite sex, you can casually mention your wife or husband in your conversation. This offers people a polite  signal -TAKEN.

When a guy does this is my presence I know he is a secure man and his relationship is a priority.

Mostly it is guys and gals who have low self esteem or other issues that pursue married folk or the otherwise unavailable. This is a case of not sharing, here.

Do not be alone with another worker for more than a minute or two and, if you find yourself in this situation skedaddle fast.

Limit the intoxicants. We all know alcohol is a social lubricant, so let’s not make it a sexual one.

Of course drugs and alcohol are disinhibitors (watch how much hair you let down!) and will break down barriers.

Marriage Works has seen the impact of over-indulging in booze, cocaine and other substances. These unhappy people arrive in my office full of remorse with a very distraught partner in tow.

Ordinarily ‘normal’ folk do abnormal things going completely against their own morals and dignity.

Protect yourself from making a mistake and regret. Slow down, eat and if necessary leave early.

I’ll repeat that – Leave early – yes that’s right, get out before the real party animals hit their strides, indeed use this a signal to move on.

Arrange to meet your partner after so you can continue the celebrations together.

Now if your marriage has had infidelity issues, you may just want to skip the office party altogether and take your spouse out as an act of healing and repair in showing where your priorities lie.

So how will you make it through this ‘silly’ season? Take the high road.

Happy Christmas and be wise with yourself and your relationships!

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