Jane Caro “Don’t just ask for help, pay for it.”

In her Sunday Life magazine column this week Jane Caro tells us of her struggles as a young woman entering a male dominated field. Read Peggy Olsen from the Mad Men TV series.

From her experience she argues everyone can benefit from seeing a professional counsellor.
I’ve heard Jane speak at an engagement a few years ago and was impressed then.

Jane is a wise woman. She found a counsellor ( not friend,mother or glass of wine) to help with her concerns.

I have to share the counsellors take on her being told she ‘was getting over emotional’ after fighting for her work product. The therapist backed her and said ” How much reaction is enough? How much reaction is too much ? And who decides?” Here she learnt to step away from the judgement of others and set her own boundaries.

As Jane says “just because someone was blaming me for something, it didn’t automatically mean it was my fault or even my problem.”
So true ! We choose our responses and only need to take responsibility for our own stuff.

I loved the counsellors next piece of wisdom when Jane is accused of being selfish. She says ” Do you know what it really means when someone calls you selfish? It means, ‘Don’t you be selfish, let me be selfish.’ It’s just another criticism woman hear usually when they dare to put their own needs first. ”

These life lesson have stayed with Jane enhancing her emotional intelligence and confidence.

Jane recommends counselling to all. With the proviso that it’s with a paid health professional who’s a well trained practitioner who wants to help you.
Thanks Jane for sharing your life lessons.

Couple Love by Samantha Villagran Mexico
Couple Love by Samantha Villagran Mexico

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