Happy Thanks Giving! What brings you relationship peace?

It’s nearly Thanks Giving in America, what a lovely celebration. Happy Black Friday to all our U.S. friends!

air yourr elationship bridge
Build a strong bond in your relationship to bridge your issues.

In Australia we can use this opportunity to notice what we are Thankful for.

Too many times Chris and I see couples fixated on the problems they’re having, to the exclusion of all the positives in their partnership. This causes more angst than peace and fuels many a fight.

Be a circuit breaker today in your relationship.

Stop for five minutes, take stock and do a quick relationship gratitude inventory:

  • What do I like about my partner?
  • How do they enhance my life?
  • How does he or she encourage my growth?
  • Think back to a time when you were both really happy and at peace, really step into that moment. Enjoy that sense of togetherness.
  • What in my heart of hearts am I grateful for in my relationship?

Your challenge is to share this lovingly with your spouse or partner. Notice what happens.

Please let me know how you go with this. Share below your experiences.

Couple Love by Samantha Villagran Mexico
Couple Love by S villagram Mexico



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