Wishing You All a Happy New Year 2018!

The Sydney Harbour Fireworks light our way into 2018 so magnificiently!
The Sydney Harbour Fireworks light our way into 2018 so magnificently!

We are super exicted to welcome you to 2018. This year has a particularly good vibe to it.

We loved the Sydney Harbour fireworks exploding with joy and celebration. Uplifting as always.

Of course there have been the usual ups and downs of life. My heart has gone out to many who have faced loss and grief in 2017.

At the years beginning, I like to do a review. It’s great to reflect on 2017 by taking a look in the rear view mirror. What’s been my progress, whats got in the way? The way I do this is by looking at last years directions for 2017.

2018 Directions and progress by design
2018 Directions and progress by design

I enjoy a small ritual to invite in my wishes and desires for the opening annual. I keep it fresh and title it simply “Wishlist 2018.”

With my trusty pen I scribe my dreams, hopes and wishes in mu new 2018 diary, she’s a pretty pink this year.

Philipa's Pink Planning Diary for 2018, Easy to Highlight
Philipa’s Pink Planning Diary for 2018, Easy to Highlight

We all know there tons of research about the importance of writing ( yes physcially putting pen to paper) in goal setting. I am not going to bore you with it here.  Naturally this applies to dream wishing. Besides it feels good to use your fingers, listen to your thoughts and see them unfold on the fresh clean slate.

This is a creative list where I literally stop my rational brain from interfering. I am responding to my deepest desires and there is often lighter ( read shallower)  hopes.

On my list this year is the Clinical Masters of Psychology and there is a new stereo. The only proviso I have for this list is that anything can go on it. It is an open item and receives updates as necessary.

I would love to hear how you much you enjoyed writing your list and if you would be so kind as to share something of what’s on it, I would be grateful and I will respond. Again Happy 2018!

Peace and light so your glow shines for another year.
Peace and light so your glow shines for another year.

Welcome to 2017! Relationship Hell or Relationship Heaven?

For many  of us 2016 involved highs and lows. I am certainly glad to be in 2017.
What does 2017 have in store for you? Will it be an easy time or continuing pain?
I’m hoping you want change old patterns and restore harmony.
Too often couples who are stuck in vicious communication cycles feel helpless and desperate. Repeating the same arguments without resolution or relationship repair. You have to have the tools!

air yourr elationship bridge
Build a strong bond in your relationship to bridge your issues in 2017

Well today is January 1st the day for resolution. So what will be the change you make ?  Personally I am aiming for more praise of others and sharing this joy. People really thrive with positive encouragement.

Please let us know your wishes for this year in the comments below.

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