What is Involved in Counselling?

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What Can I Expect from Marriage Works Counselling Services?

What is Psychological Counselling?

Counselling is a professional and confidential service that will help you to clarify and address your specific issues. Specialised counselling offers you the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, learn new skills, create a greater understanding, and develop increased insight to cope with your situation from a healthier psychological and emotional platform.

How Counselling Can Help

It is a proven fact that the earlier you seek help, the quicker things will change in your relationship. Current research also tells us that working with a psychologist is more effective than merely taking medication.

It doesn’t hurt to talk. Often, people feel a sense of relief and become more in control of their life when they discuss their issues with a professional. Psychotherapy is a dedicated skill offered by Philipa and Chris at Marriage Works.

Marital therapy can be enormously beneficial in helping you and your partner learn new skills around effective communication, conflict resolution, and being there for each other in important ways that fit with your values.

Resource Therapy goes beyond old fashioned talking therapy as seen in the movies.  You won’t see a couch to lie on while you pour your heart out in a desperate attempt to heal.

Philipa and Chris are Clinical Resource Therapists, trainers and supervisors.

Philipa is the Vice President of Resource Therapy International and Chris is their Treasurer. Resource Therapy International is the official governing body of Resource Therapy.

Resource Therapy is leading edge psychotherapy as developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson. Gordon has developed this advanced Ego State Therapy as an answer to many of the challenges folks who consult a mental health professional are facing. Resource Therapy’s techniques offer lasting effect and change to the personality. This is the new revolution in neuropsychotherapy – using the brain’s plasticity to heal.

Resource Therapy has been found to benefit several emotional issues – depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, trauma, performance slumps, procrastination and complicated grief to name a few. And behavioural conditions, such as gambling and other addictions, social media overuse, obsessive compulsive disorder, and rage issues.

Many therapists in your area are being trained in this model. To learn more, please visit Resource Therapy International’s website.

Can I Claim Medicare or Private Health Insurance Rebates?


  • Psychology Medicare Rebates:

Eligible individuals who qualify for Focused Psychological Strategies may get a rebate of $84.80 per counselling session with psychologists and mental health practitioners under the Department of Health and Ageing: Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). Medicare is not free.

  • Private Health Insurance Rebates:

All Private Health Care Insurance companies offer some form of counselling or coaching rebate for psychologist visits, depending on your insurance package coverage.

It’s Easy to Get an Appointment

At Marriage Works, we know that couples have busy lives, kids to manage, and jobs to keep. That is why we offer a variety of appointment options to suit your needs:

  • Daytime
  • After hours and Saturday appointments
  • Flexibility 

How Long Will It Take?

Individual and couple counselling sessions are:

  • Usually 50-60 minutes (1 hour) in length. For an initial couples session, we recommend you both attend the session which will take 60 minutes, for us to really get to know your story.
  • There is scope to increase if you feel you need more time (by prior arrangement) with your therapist.
  • Initially, the sessions will take place weekly, quickly moving to fortnightly.
  • You decide how often you want to attend.

We recommend you to schedule a block of sessions, as this will give you greater opportunity to really make changes, notice your progress, and hold on to your gains. It is like going to the gym, regular attendance is key to achieving the results you want.

My Partner Doesn’t Want to Come

That’s ok, come along anyway.

Although it is ideal for both partners to attend counselling sessions for a variety of reasons, this is not always possible. With the willingness to attend, much can be gained from individual work that will assist you to transform your relationship.

What is known is, a change in one person can effect a change in their partner and their marriage will benefit with the help of individual sessions.

Usually, our clients tell us that knowing themselves better gives them insight into what is going on in their relationship and a way forward. Oftentimes, they note how their changes have positively affected and influenced their partner who begin acting in new ways as old patterns of behaviour change.

You are Special and You Deserve the Best Psychological Treatment That Suits Your Needs

Your issues are unique to you and, at Marriage Works, we believe that you possess the knowledge you need to move on.

You won’t be treated like a number – you will receive specifically tailored relationship advice and skills designed to meet your particular needs and circumstances.

Isn’t your relationship important enough to deserve respected relationship psychologists who have a proven track record? And capable professionals who are dedicated to resolving your marital issues?

Whoever you decide to work with, make sure you ask for detailed information on their qualifications and experience. When you walk into our office, you will see our psychologists’ official credentials displayed on the walls in front of you.

You need to feel secure that you are putting yourself in the hands of someone you can trust, someone with Australian qualifications and expertise, and dedicated mental health professionals with your best interests at heart. Marriage Works is a marriage friendly service.

Marital Therapy, Couples Counselling, and Individual Psychotherapy Will Benefit YOU

With our skillsexperiencepassion, and talent for relationship work and your willingness and commitment, we can identify the stumbling blocks that prevent you from having a successful and totally satisfying love relationship.

In working with Philipa and Chris, you will benefit by:

  • Learning to choose the person who is right for you.
  • Maintaining a closeness and connection with someone without losing yourself.
  • Repairing hurts and deepening trust in yourself, your partner, and love!
  • Making painful and annoying frustrations the very thing that bring you closer together and strengthen your love with your partner.
  • Building support and resiliency in your relationship, giving you the skills and ability to recover quickly and work through anything by turning toward each other, in good times and in bad.

At times, all relationships can cause pain. We know that changing PATTERNS of being in hurtful relationships combined with a willingness to change the game once and for all will work.

As we specialise in the psychology of relationships, you get the additional benefits of top credentials and field-proven couple therapists.

Isn’t your relationship important enough to deserve a specialist relationship psychologist who is dedicated to resolving your marital issues?

Where Do I Go for My Therapy Appointment?

We have two convenient locations in the Eastern Suburbs:

Marriage Works Counselling Randwick Location:
4/57-61 Market Street
Randwick, NSW 2031
Sydney, Australia
*Off Avoca Street and opposite the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home.

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Marriage Works Counselling Bondi Junction/Woollahra Location:
17 Edgecliff Road
Woollahra, NSW 2025
Sydney, Australia

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