Resource Therapy is an advanced Ego State Therapy update. Parts Therapy helps.

Relationship Counselling Services at Marriage Works

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Medicare registered psychologists use a range of evidence based therapeutic methods to promote mental health and well-being.

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Psychological Counseling Therapies Used at Marriage Works

At Marriage Works, we provide well researched practical support that is tailored to meet your specific needs. We will be choosing tried and true therapeutic elements useful to you from one or several of the approaches listed below:help is here

  • The Systemic Approach looks beyond the individual level, into the patterns and interactions that occur in relationships, and how these influence ourselves and others. This well respected and empirical approach is a therapy of choice for family and couple counselling.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a counseling approach that helps by providing you with strategies to turn negative thinking patterns and behaviours into positive ones.
  • Solution Focused Therapy is an approach which focuses on your strengths here and now. It asks what is working for you and promotes an optimistic future based on your strengths. This treatment operates on finding the positive outlook that will generate change for you and supporting your progress to that goal.
  • Schema Therapy is an innovative integrative psychotherapy developed by Dr. Jeffrey Young that significantly expands on traditional cognitive behavioural treatments and concepts. This therapy blends elements from cognitive-behavioural, attachment, Gestalt, object relationships, constructionist, and psychoanalytic schools into a very useful treatment model. Useful for personality disorders, depression, and other difficult individual and couple problems.
  • Narrative Therapy is a collaborative journey where the stories of your life are explored and find meaning from that experience. Pioneered by the late Michael White, this contemporary approach acknowledges that you have many different stories and multiple realities. “You are not the problem, the problem is the problem,” separates your fears from the real issues.

    Healing therapy for your heart and hope
    Healing therapy for your heart and hope
  • Emotion Focused Therapy integrates elements of Person Centred and Gestalt Practice with modern emotion theory. Current brain research tells us the role of emotion in human functioning is centrally important in the experience of the self, and healthy and unhelpful interactions with others.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy was developed by Harville Hendrix and his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt. This therapy works on our early childhood experiences (“attachment” in therapy speak) and how our wants and needs play out in our interactions and relationships with others. In love, they suggest that we seek out our “Imago” as a guide to heal past hurts.

    Draw upon your communication skills
    Draw upon your communication skills
  • Emotional Freedom Technique is the work of Dr. Roger Callahan and Gary Craig. This technique uses the ideas from Applied Kinesiology to free clients from trauma and negative emotional responses caused by imbalances in the body’s energy system. We have used it successfully and quickly to work through depression, guilt, anger, insomnia, grief, fear, incest, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, chronic pain, irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, and shame. Please look at Wiki.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Re-Processing (EMDR) 
    EMDR - Francine Shapiro
    EMDR – Francine Shapiro

    has been developed by Francine Shapiro, PhD as a most effective method in dealing with trauma. See more information on this groundbreaking therapy on  Shapiro’s website.  

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction addresses both physical health and emotional well-being. Based on present moment awareness of ourselves and our experiences, Mindfulness Meditation offers you acceptance, compassion, and relief, regardless of what is happening in your life. Engaging with your life in this manner enables greater creative response and deeper connectedness, and gives you insight to free yourself from habitual patterns of reactivity, anger, anxiety, depression, and general unease. This simple yet effective approach is a gentle but powerful way to handle stress.
  • Resource Therapy, pioneered by Professor Gordon Emmerson,
    Professor Gordon Emmerson - Resource Therapy founder. Author of Ego State Therapy.
    Professor Gordon Emmerson – Resource Therapy founder. Author of Ego State Therapy.

    is cutting edge technology in terms of therapy. It understands the logic of the personality and deals directly with the part that is experiencing the issue and resolves it, quickly and effectively. Resource Therapy is a worldwide phenomenon that incorporates the latest understandings of neuroscience and applies this practically in therapy. 

Achieve Fast and Effective Client Results

Chris Paulin and Philipa Thornton of Marriage Works are Certified Resource Therapy Trainers. We run workshops in Resource Therapy for other mental health professionals.

Are you a clinician who feels called to help people address their issues with lasting resolution? Then join us here for your opportunity to enjoy Resource Therapy Training

Resource Therapy is an advanced Ego State Therapy update. Parts Therapy helps.
Resource Therapy is an advanced Ego State Therapy update. Parts Therapy helps.


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