Celebrating All Mums: A Tribute to You, This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special time to honour the incredible women who have shaped our lives in countless ways. At Marriage Works, we believe that motherhood comes in many forms, and each deserves recognition and celebration.

From those nurturing children and pets to those remembering mothers no longer with us, today is a day to acknowledge the diverse experiences of all mothers.

Motherhood is not confined to biological relationships. It extends to adoptive mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and even mentors who have played a pivotal role in guiding and nurturing others. Each mother, regardless of the path she has taken, shares a common thread of love, sacrifice, and dedication that binds her to those she cares for.

For many, this day is filled with joyous celebrations, breakfasts in bed, handmade cards, and family gatherings. We cherish the laughter and the warm embraces, the stories retold, and the memories made. These moments are precious, reflecting the deep bonds and affection that define motherhood.

However, Mother’s Day can also evoke a range of emotions for those whose mothers are no longer physically present. The day may carry a bittersweet mix of nostalgia and loss. Be kind to yourself. At Marriage Works, we encourage everyone to find a meaningful way to connect with the memory of their mothers, or the mother you wished you had had. Journalling on this can be a powerful healing tool acknowledging your feelings and yearnings with respect. Whether it’s visiting a cherished place, looking through old photos, or simply sharing stories, these acts can bring comfort and a sense of closeness.

This Mother’s Day marks my second without my mum. Our relationship, like many, had its complexities; yet, it was the longest and most significant of my life. Being there as she brought me into this world and then being with her as she left was a sacred moment that has profoundly shaped me. I learnt a lot through the parts work journey of Resource Therapy. This offered me a new level of awareness in our relationship. It taught me about the cyclical nature of care and the deep, enduring bonds of motherhood, even amidst difficulties.

Pet mothers also hold a special place in our celebrations. The care and love they extend to their animal companions demonstrate a form of motherhood that is both unique and profound. Pets often become integral members of our families, and the bonds they form with their caregivers are as real and as significant as any other.

As we honour all mothers, we also acknowledge the challenges and triumphs that come with motherhood. It is a journey of immense responsibility, often demanding a delicate balance of strength and gentleness, wisdom and warmth. To all mothers, we extend our deepest gratitude for the countless ways you make the world a better place.

This Mother’s Day, let’s embrace the wide spectrum of motherhood. Let’s celebrate the traditional, unconventional, present, and absent. Each story of motherhood is unique, each journey deserving of recognition.

At Marriage Works, Chris and I are here to support and honour every mother, understanding that motherhood is not defined by a single narrative but by countless stories of love, sacrifice, and resilience.

So, to all mothers—past, present, and those with furry children—happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for your endless love and the profound impact you make every day. Your strength and love shape not just the lives you touch directly but also the broader fabric of our society. Today, we celebrate you all, with all our hearts.

Therapist’s Learn Imago Now! With Clinical Training Online

It’s no surprise to hear me talking about Imago Couples therapy. Chris and I use this as our go-to relationship healing toolkit. In my office, I see a visible sigh and sense of relief as I share with many clients that Imago’s marital therapy got Chris and me through a sticky patch in our marriage.

For me, Imago therapy is both professionally and personally tried and true.

Lots of you may not know one of my other professional hats is as Training Coordinator for the Australia( AIRTA) executive committee – The Association for Imago Relationship Australia. Going to Las Vegas for the annual Imago Conference in October, but that’s for another post.

So let me proudly share our next learning opportunity for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, Doctors, and other mental health professionals or career transitioners.

Imago Module 1 Clinical Training.

October 24 Online AEDT 9-11 am

Would you love seeing your clients reconnecting, softening and potentially healing together? Imago therapy offers you the relationship and connection as the key to opening the door to heartfelt communion, communication, and collaboration.

Imagine relational coaching where you expertly and elegantly attune to your client’s goals and deepest desires for joy.

Imago Relationship Therapy #love #Imago
Imago Relationship Therapy #love #Imagojonathan-borba-aBNnuIoW1lo-unsplash

Imago Therapy offers emotionally safe,  healthy, and loving relationships with a way forward for couples.

Imago clinical training gives you specific, strategic tools while allowing your therapy alchemy.

Allowing you to feel comfortable, contained, and compassionate to anyone who walks into your office. From this perspective, your therapist part will be able to hold and assist couple reactivity and disconnection with a sense of calm-centered being. Allowing your client to show up in their relationship. Imagine feeling that flow of creativity and energy in your office or online. Well, you can!

This truly practical and transformational training will increase your awareness of your own personal and therapeutic potential, whether in a relationship with your clients, your partner, and/or the world.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a complete therapy and offers a comprehensive theory informing its application, as developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt. 

IRT masterfully connects psychology, object relations, systems theory, and humanistic-existential theory into a systematic approach to working with relationships.

Learn to spark joy working with clients through the Imago Clinical Training program (ICT). As therapists, we will know how to assist couples with profound insights and real relationship-enhancing results.

It is exciting to know you will gain confidence and experience enough to be using Imago tools in your next couple sessions.

You will find yourself feeling rewarded and invigorated in your couple’s work,  or as you start as a relationship coach with clients leaving with a smile, holding hands, and most importantly having hope to move beyond painful patterns.

We are all part of the relational system, we are born to love and be loved.

Benefits of the Imago model…

  • Real-world skills your clients can take from your rooms and apply in their day-to-day experience
  • Incorporates tried and true clinical methodologies
  • You will have to hand powerful and effective system of interventions and techniques adaptable to your unique client needs
  • Lived experience as you grow and develop both personally and professionally.
  • Targeted Interventions are specific to your unique client needs.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter model.

Imago is designed to assist therapists in developing skills with a solid sense of confidence and real competence in their work with couples and relationships.

The Imago motto – “Healing in Relationships.”

This sincerely gratifying work will… 

  • Skyrocket your professional career to the next level. 
  • Build real-world progress and potentially offer more satisfied client referrals
  • Assist couples toward reconnection and revisioning their partnership using Imago Relationship Therapy tools.  
  • Teach transformative, and research-based methods for relational repair.
  • Allow for individual growth both personally and professionally

Are you the therapist who can help your couple re-pair and re-vision their partnership?

It starts with you – begin changing the world one relationship at a time.

Become an Imago Relationship Coach today.

With your joy, your heartbreak turned into healing and freedom with divine connection and the spark of true intimacy. Feeling heard, seen and profoundly important and special in your partnership.

You will practice with our experts in the field Nedra Fetterman, Gene Shelley, and Kobus van Der Merwe. Imago Therapists of the highest calibre with eons of clinical knowledge and experience. Indeed both Nedra and Kobus’s parents were influential Imago practitioners in their careers. Perfect timing for USA participants.

I’ll be there to act as a guide on your learning. I can’t wait to meet you. Please drop a comment below for any further information on this unmissable opportunity.

Here’s the Imago Official registration page, come join us for the fun and learning.

#Imago #Relationship #Therapy #Coaching
#Imago #Relationship #Therapy #Coaching

Want to Learn Imago Couples Therapy Training ONLINE?

Super excited to share the wonder of Imago Relationship Therapy. This is for you if you are an individual therapist or a couples counselor wanting to add another field-proven couples therapy modality to your toolkit.

I am pleased to announce Module 1 Starts May 2nd. Please join us for two hours online weekly. NSW Australia time Tuesdays 9-11 am and USA Pacific time Monday 1, 6-8 pm. Brought to you by the Association of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia.

NZ’ Jacinda Ardern Selects Family

I am not really political, but I have to give a shout-out to resigning NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Regardless political beliefs she stepped into a turbulent time. Dealing with WWW2-like conditions – Global pandemic, Terrorist Attack, White Island’s eruption. She gave birth while in office. Pretty special in my book. She appeared kind, gentle, staunch, wise, and determined. Amazing gravitas.

It’s now her time to enjoy her family.

Refusing to burn out, resigning on her terms.

I am guessing she is putting her energy into her relationships. Now that is a new role model. She has obviously listened to her needs and acted on them. What if you were to stand still, go inside, and listen for what comes? What would that voice be guiding you to do? Would it be more or less? Listen and see.

Go, Jacinda!

Would you like to know what is my other therapy hat and see me in action?

Hi Relationship Repairers! I hope you are well.

I wanted to share what my husband and I teach – Resource Therapy to other mental health professionals, to give you the opportunity to see what else we do.

Here is a post from the Resource Therapy Institute Australia . Limited time as there are less than 24 hours to go for this special gift – Click here NLP PLaybook & Calendar for the NLP Masters Summit where you can see me speak.

Also last minute I know but the “Getting the love you want Workshop” is on this weekend if you are in near Crows Nest Sydney. For details click here to go to the official Imago Therapy Australia website.

Will You be Joining Us?

We are, literally, a few days away from the start of NLP Masters Summit 2022, the largest NLP Event in the world.

Whether you are a beginner in NLP or a seasoned professional, this event will bring you some of the brightest minds in the world of NLP and you will learn some of the best applications of NLP in personal life, coaching and therapy, business, and spirituality.

They have prepared a FREE PLAYBOOK which contains excerpts from over 20 of the presentations from the summit and you can get it For Free right now, by clicking HERE.

When you download the Playbook, you also will receive Free Access to all the Live Presentations from the summit so, it’s a Double Win! 

Is Social Media Killing Your Concentration?

Our devices can both connect and distract. Being in front of a screen both diminishes our ‘presentness’ in our relationships and impacts our ability to focus. It can connect us in dating and mating and it can divide us.

I don’t have to tell you the research is out there for all to see.

Todd Sampson was so concerned with what he calls ” …a global crisis…”, he’s brought us a documentary Mirror, Mirror 2 sharing the latest. It airs on Channel 10 Oct 10 / 11 7.30. Two nights where we explore Love and then Hate online.

I met with Todd and can tell you he is so committed as a parent, partner, and person to bringing you the latest information on these frightening trends. I’ll be watching, hope you will be too.

Imago Supervision Journey begins…

What a wonderful long weekend in New Zealand with Peter McMillan. Myself and the beautiful Imago Therapists attending the workshop the Art of Supervision, had an inspiring and heartfelt weekend. Brenda Rawlings’s photo and a vase of roses meant we felt her presence. Thanks to Imago Institute for Relationships New Zealand.

Let Tango Tempt You!

Dear Relationship workers,

Fun is at the heart of freedom, joy, and aliveness in partnerships. One of the activities Chris and I partake in is the traditional Argentine Tango dance.

A beautiful rhapsody for the soul. Tango is about our connection to the music, our partner, and ourselves in this shared union of the dance.

We truly recommend couples and singles too (it’s a great way to meet new friends) find a passion/s to pursue. Tango and any dance -salsa, ballroom allow us to be in the moment, sharing physically and respectfully with joy. It’s not about perfection, it’s the practice.

Believe me, there are times when we struggle, there’s tension but with partnered dance, there has to be cooperation. Where we work as a team inviting the best in each other. Feels wonderful.

Love to know your hobbies, sports, or activities which bring your energy back to your partnership. Please drop a comment below.

Please watch our amazing dance teachers from Tango Spirit Jacqueline and Anthony. Enjoy their close embrace, shared connection, and Pugliese Tango Orchestra. Filmed in City Tatt’s historical dance room. Philipa.

Tango Spirit in action in the Milonga

Couple Retreat in Bali Registrations

Dear Relationship workers, Chris and I hope this finds you well. We are in a wet patch here in Sydney. Just met with the plumber for drainage help.

Gloriously we returned to Bali, a place where we reset our relationship. We fell in love with this wonderful island a few years back. For us, it has the flavor of a honeymoon all over again. Positive vibes that warm our hearts and keep our partnership healthy and strong.

Wanting to share the love and healing of magical Indonesia we are thinking of offering a couples retreat in Bali winter of 2023.

Bali Tropical Paradise Couples Retreat 2023

The program would be a long weekend with a mix of workshops and activities. For fun, frolic, and reinvigoration with real-world communication skills and exercises immersed in a tropical paradise.

My suggestion is that your relationship is in a stable place and you are wanting to increase your heartfelt connection.

It’s not “Survivor for Relationships” if you get my drift.

We will keep the group small. You will only ever work with your partner, so rest assured.

Naturally, we will all benefit from being together, sharing wisdom and all that brings.

Registrations of Interest are now open. Applications are open from all areas of the world. Please join us.

So drop me a line or add a comment below. Please sign up for the newsletter to keep in the loop.


With love and Light Philipa and Chris

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