Imago Supervision Journey begins…

What a wonderful long weekend in New Zealand with Peter McMillan. Myself and the beautiful Imago Therapists attending the workshop the Art of Supervision, had an inspiring and heartfelt weekend. Brenda Rawlings’s photo and a vase of roses meant we felt her presence. Thanks to Imago Institute for Relationships New Zealand.

Over the Rainbow Video

Welcome Relationship repairers, healers, and those on the journey of reconnection.

Being a certified Imago Couples Therapist I’ve had the benefit of intensive training. My passion has led me to join the Australian Committee –

Association of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia

Excitingly part of my role is to support others in learning this powerful model of relationship repair and reconnection. Wonderfully excited to offer you the Imago Clinical training online.

Want to know more ? Please join us on April 18th at 8 pm online ( free meet and greet prior to the training) with our international presenters – Nedra Fetterman, Gene Shelly and Kobus van Der Merwe. Please register your interest in the comments section below.

Here’s a wonderful Imago explainer from Nedra.  Over the Rainbow_ A Journey to Wholeness …

The Wizard of OZ Imago Therapist Nedra Fetterman shares Dorothy's healing journey Photo by julio andres rosario ortiz on Unsplash
The Wizard of OZ Imago Therapist Nedra Fetterman shares Dorothy’s healing journey Photo by julio andres rosario ortiz on Unsplash

Imago Couples Therapy Training Online April

Super excited fellow therapists, counselors and psychologists wanting to train in Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly-Hunt amazing therapy model Imago. Truly a blessing to be coaching clients to healing conversations for connections and healing.

We have Nedra Fetterman, Gene Shelly, Herb Tannebaum of the US, and Kobus Van der Merwe of the Imago Faculty. The Module 1 training will be two hours weekly online with a lecture then small group practice on April 26th, 10 am-12 pm Sydney local time.

Love to have you join us. Please drop me a comment if interested in learning more about this exciting new opportunity.

Getting the Couples Coaching You Want for Therapy Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

Clinical Imago Therapist Listing

Shout for those who are looking to re-pair and want to rekindle the good stuff. Home is where the heart is as they say – learn how to reconnect.

Here is my profile on the Australian Imago Relationship Therapy Website – Philipa Thornton Relationship Psychologist

Look there for other well trained clinical couples therapists in your area 🙂

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