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Imago Clinical Training – Starting April 2022

AIRTA has organised for International Imago presenters to deliver the Imago Clinical training. For health professionals who would like to become certified as Imago Therapists or those interested in learning the skills. The training is delivered online.  Each module consists of 32 hours and this translates to 32 CPD hours. 100% attendance is required but exceptional circumstances will be considered if a session cannot be attended.  Previously Imago Therapists can attend the lecture one hour component for free.

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Module 1This is a prerequisite for Modules 2 & 3. It is an introduction to Imago theory.  16 hour are spent on lectures whilst the remaining 16 hours consist of homework, videos, etc.
Module 2This consists of hands on practice and less theory.  The different dialogues, such as, Parent Child Dialogue.  It is a feedback model and focuses on the phenomenology beneath feelings.
Module 3This is like a learning lab. Videos of the students work are studied, there is feedback and coaching, specialist areas are explored, such as reactive couples, addictions, affairs, multicultural couples, sex (this is touched on) and more.
6 months self study periodOn going supervision group for 3 – 4 hours once a month.  A final video is then submitted and once approved, the student will be certified as an Imago Therapist.


The presenters are Gene Shelley, Nedra Fetterman and Kobus van der Merwe.

Gene Shelley Clinical Instructor and Workshop Presenter

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceGene is a pastoral psychotherapist and a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, an International Association of theologically and clinically trained therapists. He is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. He also is an affiliate member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. He was a former member of the teaching and supervising faculty of the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute, a psychoanalytically oriented residency training program. (Imago Therapy Gene Shelly, M. Div.)

Gene is also a Imago Clinician, Clinical Instructor and Workshop presenter. He runs the Getting you Love Workshop and the Imago Clinical Training for therapists.  In addition, he runs individual and group consultations to support Imago therapists.

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Description automatically generatedDr Nedra Fetterman Clinical Instructor and Workshop Presenter

 Nedra is a licensed psychologist and Director of the Relationship Center in Ardmore, PA. She brings over 16 years of experience in working with couples, families and organizations and is a senior therapist at The Center for Psychological Services and a clinical consultant to Corporate Initiatives. While she is known for her gentle, healing touch, she is a powerful presence in her workshops and her trainings. As a coach and mentor, she is committed to producing results which often means assisting clients transcends their self-imposed limitations and to get on with the adventrure of their lives. Nedra is passionate about rekindling her client’s aliveness and increasing their sense of wonder and possibility.

Nedra is a unique member of this training team and her work inspires transformational work in others. In both her workshops and trainngs, participants speak openly about the vulnerabilities and strengths that took them from a place of distance and injury to a place of connection and healing. She lives the dialogical processes that are at the heart and soul of vibrant relationships. (Imago Therapy Nedra Fetterman, Ph.D. (

Kobus van der Merwe Clinical Instructor and Workshop Presenter

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Description automatically generated with low confidenceKobus van der Merwe is a faculty member of Imago International Training Institute and has been training clinicians in Imago Relationship Therapy (Clinical Training) and other professionals in the Imago Relationship Theory (Imago Professional Facilitator Training) since 1998.

He was a winner of the Harville Hendrix Award for Clinical Excellence in 2016 and is currently a Professor of Imago Studies at Daybreak University, California USA.

Kobus is a remarkable teacher and couples’ therapist who seamlessly weaves theory and Imago relationship constructs into his practice and supervision with students.

He has made a significant contribution to the development of Imago globally and particularly in South Africa. He is a second-generation Imago practitioner as both his parent’s practice Imago. He has been married to Anita for 30 years and together they have nurtured a family of third-generation Imago practitioners. (Kobus – Imago Africa).

Dates of the training

Module 1 (Duration 2 Hrs)Module 2 (Duration 4 Hrs)Module 3 (Duration 4 Hrs)
Tues 26 April 20228:00 amTues 19 July 20228:00 amTues 11 Oct 20228:00 am
Mon 2 May 20227:00 pmTues 26 July 20228:00 amTues 18 Oct 20228:00 am
Tues 10 May 20228:00 amTues 2 Aug 20228:00 amTues 25 Oct 20228:00 am
Tues 17 May 20228:00 amTues 9 Aug 20228:00 amTues 1 Nov 20228:00 am
Tues 24 May 20228:00 amTues 16 Aug 20228:00 amTues 8 Nov 20228:00 am
Tues 7 June 20228:00 amTues 23 Aug 20228:00 amTues 15 Nov 20228:00 am
Tues 14 June 20228:00 amTues 30 Aug 20228:00 amTues 22 Nov 20228:00 am
Mon 17 June 20227:00 pmTues 13 Sept 20228:00 amTues 30 Nov 20228:00 am

Costs of the Training $1400 Early bird Prior April $1500 Standard fee

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