Let Tango Tempt You!

Dear Relationship workers,

Fun is at the heart of freedom, joy, and aliveness in partnerships. One of the activities Chris and I partake in is the traditional Argentine Tango dance.

A beautiful rhapsody for the soul. Tango is about our connection to the music, our partner, and ourselves in this shared union of the dance.

We truly recommend couples and singles too (it’s a great way to meet new friends) find a passion/s to pursue. Tango and any dance -salsa, ballroom allow us to be in the moment, sharing physically and respectfully with joy. It’s not about perfection, it’s the practice.

Believe me, there are times when we struggle, there’s tension but with partnered dance, there has to be cooperation. Where we work as a team inviting the best in each other. Feels wonderful.

Love to know your hobbies, sports, or activities which bring your energy back to your partnership. Please drop a comment below.

Please watch our amazing dance teachers from Tango Spirit Jacqueline and Anthony. Enjoy their close embrace, shared connection, and Pugliese Tango Orchestra. Filmed in City Tatt’s historical dance room. Philipa.

Tango Spirit in action in the Milonga

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