Imago Couples Therapy Training Online April

Super excited fellow therapists, counselors and psychologists wanting to train in Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly-Hunt amazing therapy model Imago. Truly a blessing to be coaching clients to healing conversations for connections and healing.

We have Nedra Fetterman, Gene Shelly, Herb Tannebaum of the US, and Kobus Van der Merwe of the Imago Faculty. The Module 1 training will be two hours weekly online with a lecture then small group practice on April 26th, 10 am-12 pm Sydney local time.

Love to have you join us. Please drop me a comment if interested in learning more about this exciting new opportunity.

Getting the Couples Coaching You Want for Therapy Photo by Chermiti Mohamed on Unsplash

Getting the Love You Want Live in Sydney!

Super excited to share the amazing weekend couples intensive Getting the Love You Want Workshop is on and in person.

In lovely Crows Nest, there’s lots of great accommodation and mouth-watering restaurants if you want to make it an escape from the daily grind putting your relationship first.

Coming Soon April 2,3. Hurry to reserve your spot.

Full details here Getting the Love Workshop Sydney in person.

RIP Brenda Rawlinson Imago Therapy Australia and New Zealand legend

With a sense of sadness on this Valentine’s day, I wish to honor Brenda Rawlinson and her husband Peter Macmillan. Both dedicated advanced Imago couples therapists in their own right.

Chris and I first met Brenda and Peter at the Getting the Love You Want workshop in Lane Cove Sydney. This weekend’s couples workshops opened our eyes to what this relational therapy offers both personally and professionally. Peter and Brenda as husband and wife team lived this model of safe conversation, heartful joy, and growth toward deep connection. Their passion inspired us to complete the Clinical training they offered.

Brenda passed peacefully on Friday surrounded by love after a couple of years of dealing with a brain tumour and subsequent complications.

She will be mourned by many. Her legacy of love continues.

In an email, Peter shared their wedding vows and I respectfully share them here as a testament to their living them.


I vow to love and cherish you always, to stand by you and support you, whatever life may bring.

I vow to respect you, to honour our differences, and to meet you with truth and passion.

I vow to recognize and support your soul’s journey in this life and to honour our relationship as a vehicle for healing and growth.

I vow to share with you the joy of our children, to be strong and loving with you in our parenting and to make our home a place of safety, nourishment, beauty and humour.

I vow to protect and grow our love in this sacred vessel our marriage.

Brenda/Peter, I love you and willingly embrace you as my wife/husband.

They truly say it all.

Loving and healing to all she touched, as Brenda’s light still shines bright.

Vale Brenda Rawlinson.

One of Brenda’s songs and a favorite of mine :

Dance Me to the End of Love, Leonard Cohen, Imperfect Offering  

Happy Valentines Everyone!

It’s nice to have a special day dedicated to love. Not that you have to be in a relationship. In Chile, I believe this is actually a friendship day celebrating our pals.

Surprisingly I get a lot of people asking if I see individuals. Yes, I do! We use EMDR, Resource Therapy, and Imago processes for accelerated results. Whether your mate won’t come. Or you want to clear the path forward for yourself. Totally love coaching both men and women toward their dream version of themselves and ideal relationships. Inside and out. We deal with the past so our future is healed. Allowing us to stop painful patterns and start exciting new adventures.

Chris and I are off to a nice lunch by the seaside, we just love a beautiful Sydney view. What will you do either for you if you choose or your sweetheart?

Of course, there are always flowers – red roses and a card for the traditional. Perhaps you go skydiving together for an adrenalin rush. Maybe a surprise picnic at the office. In Sydney, it’s a Monday. Please drop a comment below how you plan to spend it, love to hear from you!

All we need is love and connection
We love, who we love xox

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