Would you like to know what is my other therapy hat and see me in action?

Hi Relationship Repairers! I hope you are well.

I wanted to share what my husband and I teach – Resource Therapy to other mental health professionals, to give you the opportunity to see what else we do.

Here is a post from the Resource Therapy Institute Australia . Limited time as there are less than 24 hours to go for this special gift – Click here NLP PLaybook & Calendar for the NLP Masters Summit where you can see me speak.

Also last minute I know but the “Getting the love you want Workshop” is on this weekend if you are in near Crows Nest Sydney. For details click here to go to the official Imago Therapy Australia website.

Will You be Joining Us?

We are, literally, a few days away from the start of NLP Masters Summit 2022, the largest NLP Event in the world.

Whether you are a beginner in NLP or a seasoned professional, this event will bring you some of the brightest minds in the world of NLP and you will learn some of the best applications of NLP in personal life, coaching and therapy, business, and spirituality.

They have prepared a FREE PLAYBOOK which contains excerpts from over 20 of the presentations from the summit and you can get it For Free right now, by clicking HERE.

When you download the Playbook, you also will receive Free Access to all the Live Presentations from the summit so, it’s a Double Win! 

Is Social Media Killing Your Concentration?

Our devices can both connect and distract. Being in front of a screen both diminishes our ‘presentness’ in our relationships and impacts our ability to focus. It can connect us in dating and mating and it can divide us.

I don’t have to tell you the research is out there for all to see.

Todd Sampson was so concerned with what he calls ” …a global crisis…”, he’s brought us a documentary Mirror, Mirror 2 sharing the latest. It airs on Channel 10 Oct 10 / 11 7.30. Two nights where we explore Love and then Hate online.

I met with Todd and can tell you he is so committed as a parent, partner, and person to bringing you the latest information on these frightening trends. I’ll be watching, hope you will be too.

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