Helpful Therapy Resources on the Internet

Last updated on August 22nd, 2018 at 04:16 pm

For helpful information, we recommend you visit the following online therapy resources:

Information and education for parents in NSW:

State Government information for families:

US website for Parents of  children ages 0-3 years old:

Circle of Security International

Circle of Security Resources for Parent

Vimeo Unconditional Love

For Mental Health Professionals

Resource Therapy: Resource Therapy International

For Couples

Communication skills online:

Mensline Online Communication Toolkit

Center for Nonviolent Communication: An International Organization

Laughter Yoga is  fun, backed by scientific evidence and may even make you happier! Besides we all need a good giggle.

I especially like the video of argument laughter – yes your read that correctly! Please visit their website for a group near you- click here – Laughter Yoga.

YouTube is amazing for a wealth of info. One person I regularly listen to and highly recommend is Michael Sealey. He has loads of good stuff here is one example:

Recommend Books

Healthy Parts Happy Self – 3 Steps to Like Yourself

Happy Parts, Happy Self. 3 Steps to Like Yourself. Gordon Emmerson PhD.
Happy Parts, Happy Self. 3 Steps to Like Yourself.
Gordon Emmerson PhD.

Do your emotions get in your way? Do they cause you to eat, buy, or react in a way you don’t want?
Are there times when there is a battle on the inside?
When our inner parts are at peace and when they all feel safe and supported we can be our true selves. There is no better gift to give ourselves and our friends.
Addictions are a reaction to unhappy parts and when these parts get what they need and deserve we can live the lives we want.
We can enjoy all aspects of life better when we have the best part out. Buy discounted book here .


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