Couple Retreat in Bali Registrations

Dear Relationship workers, Chris and I hope this finds you well. We are in a wet patch here in Sydney. Just met with the plumber for drainage help.

Gloriously we returned to Bali, a place where we reset our relationship. We fell in love with this wonderful island a few years back. For us, it has the flavor of a honeymoon all over again. Positive vibes that warm our hearts and keep our partnership healthy and strong.

Wanting to share the love and healing of magical Indonesia we are thinking of offering a couples retreat in Bali winter of 2023.

Bali Tropical Paradise Couples Retreat 2023

The program would be a long weekend with a mix of workshops and activities. For fun, frolic, and reinvigoration with real-world communication skills and exercises immersed in a tropical paradise.

My suggestion is that your relationship is in a stable place and you are wanting to increase your heartfelt connection.

It’s not “Survivor for Relationships” if you get my drift.

We will keep the group small. You will only ever work with your partner, so rest assured.

Naturally, we will all benefit from being together, sharing wisdom and all that brings.

Registrations of Interest are now open. Applications are open from all areas of the world. Please join us.

So drop me a line or add a comment below. Please sign up for the newsletter to keep in the loop.


With love and Light Philipa and Chris

5 thoughts on “Couple Retreat in Bali Registrations”

  1. Do you have couples retreat in Australia?
    What are your rates for retreat for Australia and Bali?
    Can you please provide me the sample schedule or program?

    1. Thanks, Claire for your email and interest in couples retreats.
      We will be planning a retreat for Bali and most likely in 2024.
      Please sign up for the “Love in the Real World” Newsletter to keep ahead with monthly news and relational support for connecting and healing.
      Lots of love xox

    2. Hi Claire, yes I have one in Nov 16,17 Sydney.
      We are inviting registations of interest for selection. This is the two day program as deisgned by Harville Hendrix and his wife Helen Lakelly-Hunt founders of Imago Relationship Therapy. It’s called the Getting the Love You Want Program and is taught globally for decades now.

      As an overview of the program we work on the weekend to seek an understanding into the origins of our stuck communication patterns and unhelpful habits. We learn the Intentional Imago Dialogue. Which teaches us how to listen and how to share in ways that support safety and curiosity.

      You only work privately with your partner.

      We learn how to reconnect, how to encourage and entice the fun and creativity back into our relationship. There’s a process for asking for change and support from your partner.

      It’s coaching you and your spouse to communicate in transformational ways that deal with both of your needs and wants. This supports growth, passion and a renewed sense of Joy.

      Happy to send an email for further information.
      Genuinely appreciate your questions,
      Thank you Philipa

  2. hi is there a couples retreat for married couples after years of marriage to reconnect . Any time in dates of June 7-12 thanks

    1. Hi Sharifah, thanks for your interest, I have colleagues running a Sydney Retreat on this very weekend coming June 8/9 in Crow’s Nest. Can I pass your details on to them?
      thanks for asking.
      Warmly Philipa

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