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It’s no surprise to hear me talking about Imago Couples therapy. Chris and I use this as our go-to relationship healing toolkit. In my office, I see a visible sigh and sense of relief as I share with many clients that Imago’s marital therapy got Chris and me through a sticky patch in our marriage.

For me, Imago therapy is both professionally and personally tried and true.

Lots of you may not know one of my other professional hats is as Training Coordinator for the Australia( AIRTA) executive committee – The Association for Imago Relationship Australia. Going to Las Vegas for the annual Imago Conference in October, but that’s for another post.

So let me proudly share our next learning opportunity for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, Doctors, and other mental health professionals or career transitioners.

Imago Module 1 Clinical Training.

October 24 Online AEDT 9-11 am

Would you love seeing your clients reconnecting, softening and potentially healing together? Imago therapy offers you the relationship and connection as the key to opening the door to heartfelt communion, communication, and collaboration.

Imagine relational coaching where you expertly and elegantly attune to your client’s goals and deepest desires for joy.

Imago Relationship Therapy #love #Imago
Imago Relationship Therapy #love #Imagojonathan-borba-aBNnuIoW1lo-unsplash

Imago Therapy offers emotionally safe,  healthy, and loving relationships with a way forward for couples.

Imago clinical training gives you specific, strategic tools while allowing your therapy alchemy.

Allowing you to feel comfortable, contained, and compassionate to anyone who walks into your office. From this perspective, your therapist part will be able to hold and assist couple reactivity and disconnection with a sense of calm-centered being. Allowing your client to show up in their relationship. Imagine feeling that flow of creativity and energy in your office or online. Well, you can!

This truly practical and transformational training will increase your awareness of your own personal and therapeutic potential, whether in a relationship with your clients, your partner, and/or the world.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a complete therapy and offers a comprehensive theory informing its application, as developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt. 

IRT masterfully connects psychology, object relations, systems theory, and humanistic-existential theory into a systematic approach to working with relationships.

Learn to spark joy working with clients through the Imago Clinical Training program (ICT). As therapists, we will know how to assist couples with profound insights and real relationship-enhancing results.

It is exciting to know you will gain confidence and experience enough to be using Imago tools in your next couple sessions.

You will find yourself feeling rewarded and invigorated in your couple’s work,  or as you start as a relationship coach with clients leaving with a smile, holding hands, and most importantly having hope to move beyond painful patterns.

We are all part of the relational system, we are born to love and be loved.

Benefits of the Imago model…

  • Real-world skills your clients can take from your rooms and apply in their day-to-day experience
  • Incorporates tried and true clinical methodologies
  • You will have to hand powerful and effective system of interventions and techniques adaptable to your unique client needs
  • Lived experience as you grow and develop both personally and professionally.
  • Targeted Interventions are specific to your unique client needs.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter model.

Imago is designed to assist therapists in developing skills with a solid sense of confidence and real competence in their work with couples and relationships.

The Imago motto – “Healing in Relationships.”

This sincerely gratifying work will… 

  • Skyrocket your professional career to the next level. 
  • Build real-world progress and potentially offer more satisfied client referrals
  • Assist couples toward reconnection and revisioning their partnership using Imago Relationship Therapy tools.  
  • Teach transformative, and research-based methods for relational repair.
  • Allow for individual growth both personally and professionally

Are you the therapist who can help your couple re-pair and re-vision their partnership?

It starts with you – begin changing the world one relationship at a time.

Become an Imago Relationship Coach today.

With your joy, your heartbreak turned into healing and freedom with divine connection and the spark of true intimacy. Feeling heard, seen and profoundly important and special in your partnership.

You will practice with our experts in the field Nedra Fetterman, Gene Shelley, and Kobus van Der Merwe. Imago Therapists of the highest calibre with eons of clinical knowledge and experience. Indeed both Nedra and Kobus’s parents were influential Imago practitioners in their careers. Perfect timing for USA participants.

I’ll be there to act as a guide on your learning. I can’t wait to meet you. Please drop a comment below for any further information on this unmissable opportunity.

Here’s the Imago Official registration page, come join us for the fun and learning.

#Imago #Relationship #Therapy #Coaching
#Imago #Relationship #Therapy #Coaching

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