Happy Mothers Day Mums!

Well my daughter was quick off the mark and rang me last Sunday to wish me a happy mothers day.

I felt like a bit of spoilsport after I had thanked her in telling her she was a week early 🙂

She shared some lovely sentiments with me about the love and support she has felt over the last few years in our relationship.

This really was the best present.

As she recently got engaged to long term boyfriend Dean it is really nice to see her hopes being realised. She has even given me a Grand dog Tyson. He is such a cutie.

To all you Mums out there – spoil yourself for the day.

Happy Mothers Day!

Why your accountant will like Marriage Counselling

Being a practical type, I like to pass on potentially helpful information.

Now I am no expert in accounting so I see my accountant Arthur who asks me every year about my medical expenses, as there is a possibility of making a claim, if you reach a certain threshold.

This means if you are married with a couple of kids then there is a high probability of you being able to easily meet this limit.

Marriage therapy and individual counselling are classified as acceptable medical expenses. It pays to keep your receipts!

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Study finds couples aged 25-34 would stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children

This is what 50% of couples aged 25-34 surveyed by law firm Slater & Gordon said when asked if they would stay in an unhappy marriage with children. This study canvassed more than 2000 married and defacto couples. Interestingly only 44% of those aged 44-54 would remain married. Couples married for three to four years were the most likely to stay in the relationship. Continue reading Study finds couples aged 25-34 would stay in an unhappy marriage for the sake of the children

Welcome to Marriage Works

Marriage Works is an Eastern suburbs couples and singles counseling service run by Philipa Thornton, a fully accredited psychologist registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Counselling can help

Would you believe current research tells us working with a psychologist is more effective than solely taking medication? It doesn’t hurt to talk; often people feel a sense of relief and become more in control of their life.

  • It is a simple fact the earlier you seek assistance the quicker things will change in your relationship.

Can I Claim Medicare Rebates or Private Health Insurance?

  • YES!

Eligible people can access Medicare Rebates:

  • Qualifying for Individual ‘Focused Psychological Strategies’ offers a savings of $83.25 per counselling session hyperlink to inform on) under the Department of Health and Ageing: Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative to psychologists and mental health practitioners through the Medicare benefits Scheme (MBS) http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/mental-bal.
  • Private Health Insurance Rebates

All Private Health Care Insurance companies offer some form of counseling rebate for psychologist visits depending on your insurance package.

Therapy can be enormously beneficial in helping you and your partner learn new skills around effective communication, conflict resolution and being there for each other in important ways that fit with your values.