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Focus on You and See Your World Change!

As a relationship therapist I see couples time and again constantly pointing their fingers at their significant other. They spend all their precious time and energy trying to change what the other person is doing. Both men and women believe that if the other person would just be kinder, talk more, be less angry, take responsibility, do more, stop complaining or controlling or [fill in the blank] then all would be fine. So they then attempt to get their partner to make those changes. Read on to learn more… Continue reading Focus on You and See Your World Change!

Happy Valentines day! Are you going to have a Delight or a Disaster on your hands?

Find practical suggestions relationship advice to help you out today, that will prove useful not only for Valentines day but all year round in your romance.

Click here to read the full article. Continue reading Happy Valentines day! Are you going to have a Delight or a Disaster on your hands?

Affairs happen even in the CIA!

You are not alone if you have discovered your partner has been unfaithful. Infidelity affects many couples. Watching the news, I saw General Petraeus formerly Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States forced to resign after his affair became public knowledge.

Affairs cause fall out. Usually without this amount of publicity, generated by General Petraeus’s rank; however the effects of infidelity are devastating.

Without professional counselling support many people are able to struggle on and get through this.

As a trained relationship counsellor I can assist you to fast track the healing process and regain your sanity.

Breaches of trust lead people to doubting themselves and reviewing their whole life. Often the marriage or relationship had some issues, but not always. Couples can become vulnerable to a third party in their marriage at different times in a relationship.

Learn how to safeguard and protect your partnership from outside pressures and potential dangers to its security. Or rediscover each other.

Take the time here and read on how you can save your marriage or partnership today!